About Joe Ortega

I am a San Antonio based photographer. I love spending my time with my family eating out, exploring San Antonio, taking vacations and just overall living life with them all. They're the best and the are my everything. 

My passion for creating images undeniably comes from my love of music. I've had incredible opportunities to photograph my friends playing and have made some great friendships taking pictures for others on tour. This has lead me into landscape of not only music photography, but also lifestyle, couples and portrait photography as well. 

I wasn't always a photographer. I use to think of myself, and still do, as a musician. As I look back on my youth and my formative years, I now realize that whether it was CD liner notes, t shirts, posters, magazines or what have you, photography has always been a present element in my life. I enjoy the chance to take pictures to capture real, true moments of either a show or a personality in all my shoots.