Before I begin talking about the new Thrice record, I must start with my first exposure to the band. Junior or senior year in high school in Yuma, Arizona circa 2001ish I was leaving Hastings with the newest Plea For Peace compilation. Thrice had a song on there, I actually don't remember which one, maybe To What End? Either way, I was sold on the band. I bought Identity Crisis and loved it. I grew up somewhat on my dad's bands (like Metallica) and on my own punk roots, this was a dichotomy of the two in a way that I had never heard before. Sonic bliss. Auditory euphoria. 


Fast forward 16-17 years down the road, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is running its course through my phone, to the earbuds, into my ear canal and my brain is trying it's very best to interpret what's happening. 


The first track is the reason I prefaced this passage with a history of my Thrice interactions. "Hurricane" starts off with an acoustic riff, it's a bit ambient and whirls in a few spacey notes but it gave me flashbacks of "Phoenix Ignition". The difference being drummer, Riley Breckenridge, does not jump into that massive punk beat, instead we get a more mid-tempo rock drum pattern. I'm not entirely too sure how to do the sound justice with rhetoric but Teppei and Dustin do such a fine job blending guitar tones. They are low and heavy but not in your typical hardcore, metal kind of a way. More like the tuning, the chord progression and the strumming complement the vocals, raspy, breathy and yet still full and satisfying. As a former bass player myself, my appreciation for what Ed Breckenridge brings to the songs on the record is far and exceeding anything I could properly give its due with mere words. In a day where most bass players essentially play the exact same riff as the guitar player(s), Ed does something that all great bass players do, infuses appropriate clean and fuzzy tones when the songs calls for it and strategically writes and plays the notes and lead up to the next note, perfect musical anticipation. 


This record should go in everyone's must listen list. Over the years this group has managed to take four different perspectives and holistically marry them into what could only be Thrice. This teamwork, the effort, the creativity is inspiring. I feel moved by their music and it makes me want to be better at my craft because they are constantly putting their best foot forward. 


If you read this, thank you. Now go on, inspire and be inspired, by this record and many others they have put out over the last however many years it's been.